There’s something that missing, makes my life incomplete.

I guess this gonna be my life diary starts from now. Because there’s a lot of things that keep playing in mind which makes me upset and depressing. It’s actually nothing just that I am too much thinking.

Things doesn’t went well lately. Much screwed. This and that didn’t goes as what I hope, what I pray. I don’t know where is my wrong or what is actually wrong. Is it myself or something ?

I thank to Allah as I am much more happier than before. But most of the time, the lonely is still there. I am grateful to have my family and friends around. But sometimes, I feel like needing someone. Someone that so special besides the family. Someone who will cheer me up, take me out hunting foods, hold my hands while watching movie, who will call me to say good night and someone who I will text every morning to say “morning handsome.” Yeah, someone. That someone.

I don’t know. I’m in confused. I am happy with what I have now. With lovely people around me. But still I feel there’s one more missing. Which makes me feel incomplete. I am not sure what is it.

How I wish life could be just great. Great as what I am dream for. As what I expect. As what I want it to be. I wish.



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