FZMW is 9 years old! :)


Maaf lah. Lambat pulak cerita pasal picnic ahad lepas. Hikks Seronok, havoc. Happy semua ada. Finally 6 of us dapat berkumpul balik. Since sekarang ni semua dah busy dengan working life, jadi that’s the only time yang kitorang boleh gather, gossips, bed time story and everything. 

I am so thankful to have those friends like them. They are just awesome and awesome. Okay tak boleh nak describe macam mana how happy I am to have them as friends. Malas nak cerita panjang. The picture can tell you the story how our journey went last weekend. picnic went well, tengok la masing – masing tunjuk skill memasak. So siapa yang nak jadikan kitorang sebagai isteri, you can contact me through my email okay? LOL

Hoping that this friendship lasts forever. We are counting more years to go to celebrate our friendship anniversary. Lepas ni, each of us datang gathering kena bawak anak masing-masing. Hahaha! 

Btw, thank guys for the awesome-ness weekend we had ! I love you :*



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